Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Le Bourg, Petit Bot, Pointe de la Moye, Observation Tower



For our fourth coastal walk we again took a bus from St Peter Port ("Town") to Le Bourg on the road to the airport. We followed a twisting downhill road to reach Petit Bot Bay, where we finished yesterday's walk. The tide was in and no-one was around, so we had a nice clear view of Loophole Tower number 13, mentioned in yesterday's post. It was one of 15 such towers, hurriedly built in 1788 and 1789. The stimulus was the decision of the Americans, after the War of Independence, to ally with the French. 

We made a steady climb up from sea level to the clifftop path. There was a fine view back to Icart Point.

We followed the path, being drawn inland to La Fontenelles, and then heading back towards the coast. It was the day of the vintage aircraft fly-past and we were delighted to see a biplane almost above us over the sea. And even more delighted when the pilot did a few rolls, perhaps in response to our waves.

We were intrigued by Pointe de la Moye. It was covered in reddish bracken and on the nearside was an interesting container near the water line, with a ladder down to sea level and a small boat moored offshore. I would love to know what they were up to.

 The next section was fairly unexciting. The path took us inland to Le Bigard and then back to the coastal path. This was National Trust land and our guide tells us that pretty much any of the numerous paths will do equally well. 

We found our way successfully and soon had a nice view back over the area we have just walked. Looking ahead we saw the massive and imposing German Observation Tower at La Prevote.

The path went down and then up so it took a while to get there and we were very taken with what we thought was like one of those massive stoneworks found on Ester Island. In fact the two slits housed range-finding equipment.


As we passed the  Observation Tower we had a fine view of the coast ahead. We look forward to returning to Guernsey to continue this lovely coastal walk.



We headed inland and followed a road up to Rue du Manoir, where we were lucky enough to pick up a bus back to Town via the Airport after 5 minutes or so.

Conditions: grey at first, but becoming brighter and warmer later. 

Distance: 7 miles.

Walk done on September 8.

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