I have come to see walking as a wonderful activity which brings multiple benefits and I plan to use this blog to explore these benefits, to describe walks as we take them, to share thoughts and reflections that walking generates and to comment on walking books and issues. The original plan was to describe country walks, but my interest in architecture soon led me to write about urban walks as well.

How to read this blog

I thought some readers might like a few tips on how to read this bog. If you are a regular blog follower of course you won't.

What you see first is the latest post. Previous posts are listed in the Blog Archive section on the right. The titles of the current month's posts are listed in full - click on one to see it. To go further back, click on a month or year.

Click on any photo to see a full screen version. Thumbnails of other pictures will be at the bottom of the screen: you can click on them to see the other photos. Use the Back arrow or the Esc key to return to the post.

The white box on the top left of the blog screen is a search facility. Type in any search word and all posts which contain that word will be displayed.

A section  on the right lists all the labels (effectively tags, or keywords).  Click on a label to see all posts with that label. Most labels are geographical, but others identify topics or walks where there were particular features (e.g. walled towns, almshouses, follies) or where there are wildlife pictures (butterflies, moths, dragonflies etc).

The menu

The menu offers an easy way to return to the latest post - just press Home.

The other items on the menu are pages on particular topics.

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