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What makes for a good walk


Different types of countryside, terrain, views. Unless of course the terrain is so magnificent that variety would only detract.


Much more enjoyable to walk on than fields or tarmac.


Interesting, varied, numerous, rare ..... birds, plants, butterflies, animals.


Either being up high - walking along a ridge perhaps - or a walk which involves a change of levels. The views are more interesting, and you can see the same things from different perspectives. And there is more effort and sense of achievement.


Natural (lakes, rock formations, valleys etc) or man-made (stately homes, churches, follies etc), especially where they act as landmarks which can be seen from different points in the walk.


Different from what you usually do or from what is characteristic of where you live. Breaking new ground in terms of distance, difficulty, climate etc


Although novelty is good, it is also good when a walk allows you to build on past experience and allows you to feel a deeper knowledge of an area or subject.

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