Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Chateau de Beynac

This splendid 8 km walk in the heart of the Dordogne offers fantastic views in all directions as well as sight of no less than four chateaux. The walk begins in the undistinguished village of Vezac, but then climbs to the well-known tourist site of Beynac on the banks of the Dordogne river.

The route then descends to river level and follows the left bank of the Dordogne, from which the next chateau, Fayrac, can be seen on the opposite bank.

Chateau de Fayrac

Further along, the chateau of Castelnau can be seen high above, again on the opposite bank.

Chateau de Castelnau

At about this point you leave the river and head up to the final chateau, that of Marquessac. This is an unimpressive building, but it does possess a really splendid garden.

Chateau de Marquessac

Rating: Four stars.

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