Saturday, 19 May 2007


Chateau de Beynac

The walk begins in the car park at the edge of Beynac, climbs to skirt the edge of the chateau and proceeds uphill leaving the town behind and passing through woods (see below - note the yellow waymark on the tree).

From here the path descends into farm land, and the picture shows the precise point where we lost the path for a while. The usual story of over-confidence.

Having regained the right path, the return leg meanders through the rich farming land in the centre of the river valley. The rocky promontory on the opposite bank with the pretty village of Domme

Farmland in the Dordogne valley


Rating: Four stars.


Particularly memorable was a pair of Black Veined White butterflies. Listed in UK butterfly guides, but rarely seen at home.


The chateau dates from the 12th century. The oldest part now extant is the 14th century keep. During the 100 years' war the Dordogne marked the boundary between French and English territory. Beynac was on the French side and looked across towards Castelnau on the English side.

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