Sunday, 6 May 2007

Axbridge and Cheddar Reservoir

King John's Hunting Lodge, Axbridge

The walk starts from the small square in the centre of Axbridge, dominated by the church and the beautiful half-timbered King John's Hunting Lodge. Apparently, this is a misnomer - it was simply a rich merchant's house, now a museum. From there to the reservoir. The setting is good - you can see the whole sweep of the Mendips, but walking on a tarmac path around a largely featureless body of water leaves a bit to be desired!

Cheddar reservoir

Fortunately, the walk fairly swiftly departs from the side of the reservoir and proceeds on a wide sweep around it on a series of lanes out into the Somerset levels. The last section alongside the Cheddar Yeo and the Ellenge stream with views of the Mendips and Axbridge is especially good. In the second picture, Cheddar Gorge is the nick in the line of the ridge.

The Mendips from beside the Ellenge stream

Rating: 3 and a half stars.

From: Somerset, Wiltshire and the Mendips walks (Jarrold Pathfinder guides).

Map: Explorer 141 (Cheddar Gorge and Mendip Hills West).


A family of swans ...

Swans on the Cheddar Yeo

... a small copper butterfly and some wild yellow irises.

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Some lovely walking here.