Thursday, 17 May 2007


This 9.5 km walk was undertaken in surprisingly cool and wet conditions - so no photos. The walk begins in the centre of Domme (213m) and then descends to the west to reach the village of Cenac, at a height of 80 m. The next phase of the walk involves a sustained but, at any one point fairly gentle, climb to 293m at a new housing development more or less due south of Domme. There are excellent views from here, albeit not today.

The return leg involves a gradual descent, but as it ultimately enters Domme through its southern gate, there is one last climb back to the start.

The key French concept of denivelisation (change of level) is highly relevant to understanding the demands of this walk!

Rating: Three stars (maybe more on a better day)

Domme is one the Bastides - fortified villages dating from the 100 years' war. It is set on a steep promontory overlooking the Dordogne river and still has most of its 13th century walls, gates and ramparts. The views from the Promenade des Falaises are splendid.

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