Friday, 24 April 2020


St Matthew's Church, Midgham

We decided to start the walk at Midgham church, an imposing building at the top of a hill. It dates from 1869 and was funded by the owner of Midgham House. We headed east, passing West Lodge into Midgham Park.

A clear path leads you through parkland which is a first flat and then hilly. On the left there is a sign to Midgham House,  but this is out of sight. The current building dates from the 1970s and replaces a Victorian house , which in turn replaced a Georgian one

We left the park by the East Lodge, a much more imposing building than the West one and turned left along the right and then into a path skirting around Channel Wood. There was a splendid array of bluebells.

We left the wood to return to the road at Midgham Green where there was a lovely group of trees.

We continued along the road and then entered Carbins Wood, with some delightful beech trees on our right.

As we approached the road which joined Bucklebury and Chapel Row, we turned sharply left and walked across Lower Common. On the far side we crossed the road and walked along a lane leading to a fine house called Wootten's. On the left was another part of the Midgham Estate accessed by this rather lovely gate.

Reaching Wootten's we skirted the house to the right and enjoyed a fine view towards St Matthew's church with the North Wessex Downs beyond.

The field edge path took us to the road which led us past some houses back to the church.

Conditions: bright and pleasant.

Distance: 3.5 miles.

From: Rambling for Pleasure: Kennet Valley and Watership Down.

Rating: three stars.

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