Saturday, 11 February 2017

Old Wardour to Win Green (Wessex Ridgeway [Wiltshire] 10)

Old Wardour Castle

We had our first view of Old Wardour Castle on the previous leg of this walk. Today it was open and it was possible to snatch this picture from the front gate. It has to be said that it is a less romantic ruin than I thought it would be.

We headed south west, soon passing this intriguing, but unmarked gateway.

To the right there was a distant hazy view of the rear facade of New Wardour Castle. This has the classical portico that no self-respecting neo-classical building would be without.

The countryside we were passing through was attractive but hard to fully discern in the murk.

We entered Park Copse and enjoyed the sight of some early catkins.

We then descended a very steep and slippery track to reach the scattered village of Donhead St Andrew. We enjoyed these straw birds on one of the thatched roofs.

Now uphill and across fields, descending to Milkwell and then climbing again to reach Lower Berrycourt Farm where there was a fine old stone barn.

A track and further fields brought us to a point overlooking Ludwell, where extensive watercress beds could be seen behind the attractive thatched cottages.

We passed the excellent Grove Arms pub, where we would later enjoy lunch, and turned right walking past the watercress beds and then along field  paths always uphill to finally reach Win Green. The views from the top were fantastic, but the weather was by now even more murky and there was no point in trying to take a picture.

Conditions: Cold and grey.

Distance: 6 miles.

Map: 118 (Shaftesbury & Cranborne Chase).

Rating: four stars. This would be a lovely walk on a good day.

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