Thursday, 9 February 2017

Carlton Scroop to Fulbeck

The Viking Way near Carlton Scroop

We're in Lincolnshire visiting our friends Roger and Deborah and we are off on a walk from the small village of Carlton Scroop. We head downhill on the Viking Way, which runs from Oakham to the Humber. We turn left into Howdale Lane and climb gradually.

Looking back and across to the left we see Deepdale Plantation and behind it the Lincolnshire Edge or Cliff. The low lying area in-between is the Ancaster Gap - the only gap in the Lincolnshire Edge.

We turn right and follow the road into Hough-on-the Hill, passing this fine Georgian house on the right.

We turn right passing the 19th century Brownlow Arms pub, named fro Lord Brownlow of Belton House, now a National Trust property. Just round the corner is one of the countless Old Rectories, but this one has a lovely brick-framed door. 

Nearby is of course the church - of All Saints. It dates from the 11th century, with 19th century restoration. The intriguing external stair turret is apparently Saxon.

We pass the former school, which can be glimpsed behind the church, and pass through teh village to follow a field-edge path towards Caythorpe. In the High Street was this interesting house with a plaque dating it to 1681.

Further along these steps produced a lively debate as to their purpose. The consensus was for mounting a horse.

We turned right past the 14th century church of St Vincent (of Saragossa). It is unusual in having a double nave.

At the end of this road we entered the park of Caythorpe Hall (1823) and enjoyed a brief glimpse of its portico.

The path continued across fields and brought us to Sudthorpe Hill on the outskirts of Fulbeck. We descended this and climbed Fulbeck High St on the other side. This was the view back.

We passed the chuech of St Vincent, dating from Norman times but much altered.

Nearby is Fulbeck Hall, mainly Georgian but with a Tudor wing at the back. It was the base for the preparations for the Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden) during the Second World War.

Conditions: grey and cold.

Distance: about 5.5 miles.

 Rating: four stars. Full of interest.

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