Saturday, 28 March 2015

Godrevy Point to Portreath (South West Coast Path 69)

Seals in Mutton Cove near Godrevy Point

We picked up the Coast Path at Godrevy Point and headed on along the high (say 60m) cliffs. We noticed that a section of the cliff edge had a wooden barrier. On it were the words "Please speak only in whispers. Any sudden movement or noise can disturb the seals." Seals? We looked down and there stretched out across the sandy beach of Mutton Cove were maybe 70 Grey Seals.

We have had a few glimpses of Grey Seals at other points on the Coast Path, but to see such a large group was a real joy. They were mostly motionless, but every so often one would move awkwardly across the sand. These two seemed to be engaged in foreplay.

Soon the route entered a new environment: heathland. This is the view looking back over beautiful bright yellow broom towards Navax Point.

The coast gradually becomes more rocky.

But for the time being you continue on a cliff top path, now about 85 m above sea level, with a wide plateau inland. The coast stretches out ahead apparently promising more of the same.

Things change a bit further on with the Crane Islands in the foreground and the Samphire Islands beyond. In between lies a classic Coast Path descent to near sea level followed by a steep climb. You can see the gap in the cliff top on the right of the photo.

By now the rain which had been threatening for a while caught up with us as we made another descent and ascent at Carvannel Downs.

Finally we reached Western Hill overlooking Portreath and made our way down to the car park where we had left the car.

Conditions: not cold, but wet and grey.

Grading: Moderate.

Distance: 7.5 miles (distance now completed 415.0 miles).

Map: Explorer 102 (Land's End) and 104 (Redruth and St Agnes).

Rating: four stars.

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