Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hockley Valley: The Bruce Trail - West

Hockley Valley

I discovered last night that the Bruce Trail, which we walked yesterday, actually runs through the grounds of the Hockley Valley Resort where we are staying. So, rather than having to walk out to the road and slog up the hill to reach it I should be able to do so directly from the back of the hotel. I asked at reception about this and discovered that permission was required. This was quickly granted - at my own risk - and so I set off.

The direction to go in to intercept the Trail was pretty obvious, and like an idiot I headed straight in that direction - which unfortunately meant going straight up a very steep ski run. (On my return I realised that I should have gone up the nursery slope and headed diagonally in the direction I intended.)

After I had recovered from the ascent, I found the predicted way-mark and headed east along the Trail. The route soon offered the splendid view of the valley shown above. It then descended to cross a golf-buggy route and then climbed again through woodland to skirt the golf course on the with farm land on the right. There were more nice views here.

The path then left the Resort and descended into deeper woodland. I had run out of time by now - and had anyway walked through maple wood yesterday - so I retraced my steps. There was an excellent view of the Resort buildings from the top of my ski slope.

It was quite hard going down as well.

Distance: about 3 miles.

Conditions: warm, humid, windy at the top.

Rating: three and half stars.


I saw another of the large orange butterflies which tormented me at Niagara on the Lake, an American Painted Lady (a very deep pink), some Small Heaths, some sort of small Sulphur and this brown butterfly, which in fact had two “eyes” on its underwings. Some sort of Ringlet I thought. It turns out to be the Common Wood Nymph .

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